How we began

Honour Village Cambodia was founded in 2010 by Sue Wiggans, a retired English primary school teacher from the Isle of Wight. Sue had travelled and volunteered in Siem Reap before and seen the real need for a locally-run, well-managed and financially-transparent project to help local children and other vulnerable community members.

Sue's determination, skill and enthusiasm resulted in a meeting with His Excellency Seang Nam, an elected and extremely well-respected local member of parliament. Seang Nam was inspired by Sue's passion and vision to donate land to the project and become our Patron. Months later, the first buildings of Honour Village Cambodia had been constructed on the 4000 metres of prime land in a beautiful rural setting.

The locally registered Community Support Group is governed by a board of Trustees and is the sole beneficiary and partner of HVC UK. No trustees, directors, volunteers, or Western staff receive any expenses or salary in Cambodia or elsewhere.

Sue has now retired back to the UK but maintains contact and still provides inspiration to all at HVC. A local Board, including the HVC Country Director, oversee the running of HVC.